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We deliver the best and the freshest that Victoria has to offer to your doorstep within hours.

• Looking for other organic products? Just click and add them to your cart...beans, butter, sugar, flour, cereal, pasta, cooking sauces, dried fruit, rice and soy milk, nuts, olive oil... •
• • Shop from an unmatched catalogue of ingredients for traditional baking, gluten-free baking and low-carb baking •

Free Range Eggs. At Anderson Farms the chickens run loose and scratch in the earth. They're fed no antibiotics, no animal by-products and no canola and you'll find that the eggs they lay have bright golden yolks, thick consistent whites and wonderful taste •

• You can only buy one real bagel in Victoria the kind made at Mt. Royal Bagel Factory, and we've been getting them fresh every day they've been rolled, for a baker's dozen years •
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